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Praise for "Foshan Mode"! Yuanda Helped to Create Maker Education

Original 2017-11-27 13:31


From October 27thto 28th, 2017, the Conference on Cooperation and Development of Urban Education equipment was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province.

Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, Foshan City had placed the work of maker education and innovation education in an unprecedented important position, giving full play to the supporting role of educational equipment in maker education, and actively making the equipment adapt to the educational reform. The innovative education path chosen by Foshan City was the innovative and maker education which integrates the concept of STEAM, introducing digital equipment and curriculum, and training students' imagination, creativity and comprehensive ability of interdisciplinary problem-solving.




As the forerunner and pilot of digital experimental equipment, Yuanda actively helped Foshan primary and secondary schools to carry out digital experimental teaching activities, and fully supported Foshan Creator Education.