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Special Training on Experimental Ability was Held in Shanghai for the First Time, llongwill® DISLab Displayed Power

Original 2017-11-24 13:31

From September to November, 2017, the experiment ability training of physics and chemistry teachers in Shanghai middle school had been carried out in Dajing Middle School affiliated to Shanghai Foreign Studies University, affiliated Middle School of Shanghai normal University, Jianping Middle School in Shanghai and the third Girls Middle School in Shanghai.



Mr. Chen Kaiyun, senior experimenter of Shanghai Research and Development Center for Digital Experimental system in Primary and Middle Schools; Mr. Wang Zhaoming, leader of Pudong Physics, and Mr. Zhang Yongjing, a famous physics teacher and subject leader in Jing'an District. Mr. Lu Chengang, Chemical Group of Shanghai Middle School, and teacher Qu Xueheng, former teacher of Biology Teaching and Research in Zhabei District, gave the digital experiment training and explanation for the physical and chemical and biology teachers, and launched a positive interactive exchange, thus the scene had a strong response.




Yuanda provided full technical and service support for the training. Through the extensive application of llongwill® DISLab in the field of physical, chemical and biological experimental teaching, it must become a powerful tool for teachers and students to carry out experimental teaching in various subjects.