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Twenty Core Products during Yuanda’s 20 years(the Last Part) 丨Campus Health Field

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Yuanda-llongwill Campus Health Business Division concentrates on the research, development, production and marketing of Cleanbay™ series of sanitation equipment, and serves the public spaces in primary, high schools and universities such as classrooms, student apartments, dining halls and toilets. With the excellent performance of sterilization, disinfection and odor control, the equipment can effectively purify the environment; block the spread of disease and control cross infection in campus by continuously generating and releasing disinfectant liquid and gas. At present, this series of equipment has obtained the approval of a number of authorities after examinations, and has extremely broad prospects for promotion.

18. Cleanbay™C-30 Disinfectant Producing System  National Invention Patent(ZL200610042382.X)

It is the smallest disinfectant producing equipment in the world, no toxins, no harm and no residue, fills the international blank, and has a broad application prospect.


19. Cleanbay™C-400 Movable Disinfectant Producing System

Based on Cleanbay™C-30 disinfectant producing system, the equipment has achieved mobile work. With strong adaptability, it is widely welcomed by users.


20. Cleanbay™C-1000 Disinfectant Gas Producing System 

Independently researched and developed disinfectant gas producing system; Adjustable concentration; Strong production capability; Safe for people at presence; Create a new pattern of air disinfection.