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Twenty Core Products during Yuanda’s 20 years(the First Part)丨Educational Equipment Field

Original 2017-05-18 15:16


The Classic Twenty Years of Yuanda-llongwill

During twenty years’ striving forward, Yuanda-llongwill is committed to innovative educational technology and environmental technology with fully independent intellectual property rights. The main business includes the research, development, production and marketing of digital scientific educational instruments and campus health equipment, and the products are awarded “the First Prize of National Teaching Achievement” and “the Innovation Prize” of Worlddidac in succession.   

With the establishment of three wholly owned subsidiaries in Shanghai and the USA, Yuanda-llongwill has taken a solid pace of internationalization, and will gradually develop into a science and technology innovative enterprise with her major business radiating to the globe.

01 Modular Data Logger

Modular structure; compatible with wires or wireless interface; granted with industrial design patent


02 Displacement Sensor (Separate)

Fills the international gap; compiled in the high school physics textbook of PEP new curriculum standard.


03 Force Sensor Family

Includes hand-held type force sensor and force&angle sensor.

The sensor can be easily held due to the creative hand-held structure. It can measure the magnitude and direction of tension or pressure at the same time, and dynamically display the physical concept of vector.


04 EKG Sensor

Get most attention from users.


05 Centripetal Force Experiment System

Includes Wireless Centripetal Force Apparatus.

Based on the features of sensors, the Wireless Centripetal Force Apparatus is the first innovative experimental apparatus developed by R&D Center according to standard physical model. The Wireless Centripetal Force Apparatus won the 16th Worlddidac innovation award of equipment group.


06 Faraday’s Law Apparatus  (Ⅰ、Ⅱ)

Fill the international gap; successfully solve the difficult problem of verifying the Faraday’s Law.


07 Photoelectric Distance Timing Apparatus (π system ) 

Originate the technology that a moving object does not rely on external measuring tools for high-precision self-timing and ranging.


08 Multi-purpose Mechanical Track System

Includes track carts and many accessories

Replace air track; with multi-function; fully upgraded kinematics experimental environment; compiled in the middle school physics textbook of the second period curriculum reform of Shanghai and the national textbook of new curriculum standard of PEP.


09 the Apparatus of Force Decomposition on an Inclined Plane

The first model of built-in sensors has become the foundation of a series of intelligent experimental instruments.


010 Electrometer

It can show the electrostatic charge and polarity with high sensitivity and low static electricity loss, and fills the international blank.


011 Logical Circuits V2.0

Modular design; display the level signal of the logic circuit visually on the computer.


012 2-D Motion System

Borrow mature technology to solve 2-D motion experiment problem; fill the international gap.


013 Magic Board (Electromagnetic Positioning System)

Opportunely use electromagnetic positioning principle to construct precise experimental method for studying 2-D motion; fills the international gap.


014 Digital Weather Station

Transfer the application of sensors to environmental science; achieve unattended, real-time measurement, historical records and trend analysis; with great potential for networking applications.


015 Special Software

Facing specific experiments; reflecting the concept of curriculum reform; simple interface and experiment with one “click”.


016 Neutralization Titration Apparatus

Include an inverted cone dilution tank.

Based on the requirements of digital chemistry experiments, realize the major innovation of chemical vessels.


017 Digital Experiment Solutions Based on Chrome

Based on Google cloud technology, construct the most concise cloud solutions of experimental teaching.