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Various Regions丨Experimental Teaching Blooms in May

Original 2017-05-31 15:30


Focus on Jiangxi   Innovation on service

During May 6th to 7th, 2017, the 9th Jiangxi middle school physics teaching reform innovation teaching competition was held in Yingtan No.1 Middle School. Yuanda-llongwill®DISLab products were exhibited and introduced in the competition, which got overwhelming response.


Look at the Magic City   Professionalization on training

On May 15th, 2017, the fourth training course for young key teachers of Natural Science in Shanghai primary school, themed with “the application of llongwill®DIS in natural science of primary school”, was held in Shanghai Fenghua Middle School. A total of more than 50 young leading teachers in primary school participated in the training.

Chen Hao from Anting Primary School in Jiading District, Liu Ying from Shihua No.5 Primary School in Jinshan District, and Dong Daoyi from Chongming Experimental Primary School shared their gratifying teaching achievements with llongwill®DISLab. Zhao Weixin, a researcher of natural science of primary school, from Teaching and Research Section of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, further admired the efforts made by Shanghai DIS R&D Center for primary and high school for natural experiment teaching reform of primary schools in Shanghai.