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llongwill supports Hebei digital experiment online teaching and research activity

Original 2020-06-24 11:03

From 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on June 23, 2020, the online teaching and research activity of "Application of digital experimental system in middle school physics, chemistry and biology" organized by Hebei Educational Technology and Equipment Management Center, provided by Shanghai DIS R&D Center with expert technical support and in-depth participation of Yuanda-llongwill, was grandly held on the Xuexitong live broadcast platform. Mr. Wang Zhaoming, Mr. Wang Yanjun and Mr. Qu Xueheng, well-known experimental teaching experts of physics, chemistry and biology, were invited to introduce the application and research of digital experimental system in physics, chemistry and biology, and shared digital experimental innovation cases with online teachers.


Compared with previous years, because the epidemic prevention situation is still severe, this teaching and research activity adopts the form of online live broadcast for the first time. Although leaders of education equipment departments , experts, school principals and teachers were unable to communicate face-to-face, the atmosphere in the live broadcast room was warm, and the teaching effect of llongwill® digital experimental system caused a strong response. At the same time, 11689 people watched the live broadcast online.







Teachers who participated in this online teaching and research activity enthusiastically left messages in the live room. Ms. Tian Xiaojing left a message: "The experimental phenomenon is intuitive and clear. With such equipment, physics is much easier to learn." Ms. Li Xuewei wrote: "The digital experimental system solves problems, like many phenomena that cannot be observed directly with the eyes in the experiment. Doing this experiment can more intuitively, visually and accurately observe the experimental phenomena, and enable children to understand the experimental conclusions more intuitively." Mr. Chen Dongxiu left a message: "Biology is a discipline developed on the basis of experiments. If you want to have a good understanding of biology, you should return to experiments. And the diversity of experimental technology is also conducive to the cultivation of students' awareness of scientific inquiry."
    After the training, the teachers who participated in the teaching and research activities still felt that they don’t want to finish this activity. More than 500 front-line teachers spontaneously joined the teaching and Hebei digital experimental system research group. Next, they will discuss and exchange on how to strengthen the application of digital experiments in the discipline, share their teaching achievements, and also show their personal innovative programs, especially the majority of rural teachers. They are looking forward to leading rural children into the palace of digital experiments!


The successful holding of this digital experiment online activity has created a new way of communication for the educational equipment industry, and I believe it will soon blossom all over the country. As the pioneer and leader of the physics, chemistry and biology digital laboratory industry, Yuanda-llongwill will also continue to walk with you and strive to contribute to the development of education in China and even the world.