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llongwill® DISLab was presented on CCTV News

Original 2022-06-20 14:43

At 7:20 p.m. on May 2, 2022, the special report "The New Long March on the Frontier and the New Leap Forward in Ningxia" is being broadcast on CCTV News. In the interview, Yang Kaidi, a student from Ningxia Liupanshan High School, gave a personal account: "This is my school. Is she beautiful? We can also get some tuition relief by studying here. This is our digital laboratory. When I first came to this laboratory, I didn't dare to think about it, because there was no such good equipment in my hometown, but now we can start to try, which is a qualitative leap!"

With Yang's introduction, llongwill® DISLab, a high-tech teaching instrument with completely independent intellectual property rights, which has been built by Shanghai DIS R&D Center in the past 20 years, has caught the eyes of hundreds of millions of audiences in China. DIS - Shanghai created, which won national teaching achievement first prize twice and the Worlddidac innovation award three times, has been as a symbol of China's education modernization, and has been linked together with the great New Long March firmly. This is the glory of Shanghai DIS R&D Center, but also the glory of the whole Chinese education equipment industry. In order to rejuvenating country by education, we need to develop educational equipment first! Science and education with me, live up to the mission!


Learn about Ningxia Liupanshan High School

Ningxia Liupanshan High School is a full-time, boarding and poverty alleviation high school founded by the Party Committee and government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The school has 108 classes, 6,000 students and 439 teachers.


Since its establishment in 2003, Ningxia Liupanshan High School has always adhered to the educational characteristics of poverty alleviation, ethnic education and quality education. The school enrolls students from contiguous impoverished areas in Liupanshan, and takes care of students from registered impoverished families, so that students from impoverished families can go to cities to receive quality education. All enrolled students are exempted from tuition and accommodation fees, and rural students are provided with a living allowance of 1,000 yuan per year. 40% of the students with rural registered permanent residence in the university receive a national grant of 1500-2500 yuan per person per year, allowing outstanding students from the impoverished families to receive financial aid. The total amount of national grant and rural living subsidy in this school is 10.95 million yuan per year. In addition, the school has also contacted caring enterprises and people to donate money to help students, and established various kinds of subsidized classes. Most of the impoverished students from poor families are subsidized, so that the three years of study and life of excellent students from mountainous areas are guaranteed. The impoverished students can successfully finish their high school studies, enter higher institutions to realize their dreams.

School website:http://www.nxlpsgz.com

DIS at Liupanshan High School

At the end of 2020, Ningxia Liupanshan High School upgraded the old physics, chemistry and biology laboratory, that has been used for nearly 20 years, and introduced llongwill® DISLab digital laboratory, which is developed and supervised by Shanghai DIS R&D Center and manufactured by Yuanda-llongwill. The digital laboratory adopts the basic mode of "sensor + computer", and its technology level is leading in China and first-class in the world. Taught in broad the high quality of service support, the digital laboratory is not only well compatible with the original school experiment equipment, more relying on information technology and the integration of experimental teaching greatly enhance the experimental efficiency, data accuracy and explore the breadth, significantly promotes the student to the high school science, and the understanding of subject knowledge and understanding. And by providing students with more hands-on practice opportunities, it has effectively cultivated students' self-study and independent inquiry ability facing the digital era, which has been highly praised by the majority of teachers and students.


Side story

DIS -- The journey of Shanghai's creation

In 2002, Shanghai Education Commission made a decisive decision: To complete the national curriculum reform pilot delivered to Shanghai, instruct the teaching and research office and curriculum reform office of Shanghai municipal education commission, based in Shanghai Fenghua high school, jointly build the first domestic digital experiment system research institution integrated research, learning, production and teaching together with Yuanda-llongwill. Famous physics experiment teaching experts and former principal of Fenghua high school, Mr. Feng Rongshi, was appointed as the director of the center. In June of the same year, the institution began to work, and completed the initial DIS product research and development within two months in accordance with the provisions of Shanghai middle school physics curriculum standards, to meet the requirements of the teaching textbooks. At the end of August of the same year, the products were put into 53 curriculum reform pilot school for teaching verification.

In 2003, DIS was introduced into the "General High School Physics Curriculum Standard (Experiment)", and was written into many national curriculum reform textbooks such as People’s Education Press.

In December 2004, the DIS digital experiment system successfully passed the curriculum teaching appraisal organized by the Shanghai Education Commission.

In 2010, the project of the application of DIS digital experimental system in the reform of physics teaching in middle school won the first prize of the national basic education curriculum reform teaching research achievement.

In 2013, the DIS project won the special prize of Shanghai teaching achievement award.

In 2014, the DIS project won the first prize of national teaching achievement.

In 2014, 2018, and 2020, the three independent innovation products of DIS: wireless centripetal force apparatus, "Sailinge" primary school scientific exploration system, and Sky Lab won the Worlddidac Innovation Award three times and won all international honors in the Chinese education equipment industry.

In 20 years, DIS has experienced eight large-scale upgrades and has completed the change of reborn. At present, this series of products has 128 national patents, including 10 invention patents and 116 software copyrights. In addition to high school physics curriculum standards, high school chemistry, biology curriculum standards, compulsory education physics, chemistry, and scientific curriculum standards, and more than ten sets of primary and middle school textbooks have been incorporated into digital experimental schemes represented by DIS. There are more than 10,000 national users of DIS digital experiment products developed and produced by Shanghai DIS R&D Center.

So far, Mr. Feng Rongshi, director of the DIS R&D Center, who is already at his senile age, is still full of energetic. Even if the epidemic is severe, he is still committed to the innovation and development of DIS digital experiments every day. According to the planning and deployment of the Teaching and Research Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, DIS will play a greater role in Shanghai's digital transformation project for education in the future.


Director Feng Rongshi, Shanghai DIS R&D Center

——The source of book "DIS -Shanghai Creation"


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