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Coming Back After Four Years

Original 2018-06-22 13:31

——2018 Yuanda has won the World Education Association Innovation Product Award documentary

June 4, 2018, Bern, Switzerland. Eight experts from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Finland and Switzerland gathered together to start the biennial Worlddidac innovative product review activities.


Chairman Li Ding (second from right) at the judging site

At 9:30 in the morning, the screen broadcasted the products of Yuanda——The slogan of the mobile digital primary school science inquiry system: “the Simplest, the Best!”A multinational team composed of Chinese and American science education experts enters the stage, including the host:Professor Lauren Rentfro from Lewis University, USA; Experimental host: Dr. Li Ding, Chairman of Yuanda , Deputy Director of Digital Experimental System R&D Center of Shanghai Primary and Secondary Schools; Experimental Assistant: Teacher Brenda, Alan Sheppard High School, Chicago, USA.


The product is excellent, well prepared, and brilliant.

The review begins. As a science education expert, Professor Lauren first introduced the background of research and development of the mobile digital primary school science inquiry system: science education must be based on inquiry; scientific inquiry must be rooted in the real world; the demand for scientific inquiry runs through the science education from primary school to university; scientific inquiry is eager to get support from easy-to-use, hand-held information technology tools. Later, Professor Lauren gave a concise explanation of the structure of the undergraduate inquiry product: sensors for scientific inquiry + various systems (Apple, Android, Google Chrome) mobile platform (tablet or mobile phone) + APP software and online education resources.Then, Chairman Li Ding,who has professional science education foundation and solid experimental operation foundation,operated some scientific research examples for the judges present such as “when Coke encounter teeth”, “hot water could lowered the temperature” and “capture the change of power”.

These three suspenseful experiment not only attracted judges’ interest,but also highlighted the structural characteristics of the mobile digital primary school science inquiry system——easy to use.The final Q&A process was even more exciting. Professor Lauren and Chairman Li Ding were able to answer all of the questions with comprehensive answers. After the demonstration was completed, three of the judges even asked where to purchase and use the product in their country!Although the staff of the World Education Association has not announced the result yet, the entire Yuanda team is full of confidence,they know they have won again!


The experiment“when Coke encounter teeth” attracted all the judges


After the end of the demonstration, the experts are still excited

Flashed back to June 4, 2014, as the first Chinese company to participate in the World Education Association's biennial innovation product selection, Yuanda University has won the trophy of the first international education equipment innovation award with the product—— wireless centripetal force experimenter. Yuanda has also joined the National Education Team in the same year by winning the first prize of the national teaching achievement together with Shanghai Education Commission.In 2016,Yuanda participated in the evaluation once again, but unfortunately the team returned because of various reasons.

Yuanda College chose to withstand setbacks and never give up.With in-depth research and accurate grasp of digital science education, scientific inquiry tool system and development trend in the world, Yuanda has formed a joint research team between China and the United States. After two years of hardwork, the team has independently developed the world's most simple struture and easy-to-use mobile digital science experiment and scientific inquiry system used.One of the most sensational product presented in this World Education Association's biennial innovation product selection, is the primary school version of the product.


Llongwill® Series Mobile Digital Science Inquiry System

On 15 June,Yuanda brought glory for the country once again after four years,by achieving the top of world's educational equipment It is the perfect embodiment of Yuanda’s ambition “to insist independent research and development,and do the best”. The perfect embodiment of this ambitious ambition is the wonderful bloom of the wisdom of the Shanghai DIS R&D Center,It is the fruitful result of all the hard work of Yuanda Research Institute, Marketing Department and other departments,It is also the best reward for the company to participate in international competition and cooperation.


The China-US multinational team and the staff of the World Education Association celebrated the success

We are looking forward to Yuanda raising the trophy again at the awards ceremony of the World Education Association on November 7th. We also look forward to the development of the science and education products of the Llongwill® series mobile digital science experiment and scientific inquiry system!

The longer view, the better result. This is the Chinese meaning of Yuanda-llongwill.