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Light up Chengdu and keep moving

Original 2018-05-18 13:28


The 74th China Educational Equipment Industry Exhibition was held grandly in Chengdu during the spring of May. At this exhibition, Yuanda-llongwill displayed the llongwill® Digital Experiment Series products together with the Cleanbay™ Campus Hygiene Series products, and provided a higher, broader and more pleasantly surprised configuration options and experience to the guests.




Chengdu, known as “the land of abundance”, is labeled by its enthusiasm, coziness and happiness. At the exhibition booth of Yuanda-llongwill, smiling faces could be found everywhere. Old and new friends have come to express their willingness of further cooperation on the latest multi-system and cross-platform digital experiment solutions. Expert jury from the China Education Equipment Industry Association were amazed by the live demonstration of the “Magic Board” system that has been selected for the gold award products.



Although the three days exhibition has ended, visitors from all over the world in the education field are glad that Yuanda-llongwill has always been with them, constantly keeping innovating in the future.