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The (10th) Digital Experiment Forum in 2017 was Successfully Held

Original 2017-12-12 13:34


On the morning of December 6th 2017, the 10th annual digital experiment high-level forum was successfully held in Fenghua Junior Middle School in Shanghai.



Leaders and experts from the Shanghai Education Commission, the Municipal Teaching and Research Office, the Shanghai Physics Teaching and Research Association, etc. got together to hear the special report on the DIS "super module", "100 circuit" and other new products by Feng Yongshi, the research and development center director and watch the relevant presentations, then listened to DIS special report the practice and thinking of the normal application of digital experiment by Liu Jinghai, Shanghai Zhabei No. 8 Middle School.



Xu Dianfang, director of the Municipal Teaching and Research Office and Mr. Zhang Minsheng, former director of the Shanghai Education Commission and the State Supervisor gave an address and fully affirmed achievements made by the R & D center in the past year according to the requirements of higher authorities, and planed and deployed the next central work in depth and detail. Experts attending the meeting spoke enthusiastically, expressed their own views, and offered their suggestions one after another for the future work of the R & D center.

Compared with previous sessions, this forum was not large, but the content was quite substantial, the effect was particularly significant. This forum was the one in the history of the Digital experiment Forum "double" for the first time---the Forum's 10-year commitment was a witness of growth and development. I believed that with the launch and implementation of the R & D mission in the next year, the 11th Digital experiment Forum in 2018will be more splendid!