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Carry Forward the Tradition in the Twenties

Original 2017-12-06 13:33

On November 25th 2017, the grand opening ceremony of Carry forward the tradition in the twenties --the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Yuanda and the completion of the new office in the Jinan swallow villa of Spring City was held. Over the past 20 years, Yuanda has made remarkable achievements in the field of digital teaching instruments and environmental science and technology. Leaders at all levels, experts and scholars, investors, partners, user representatives, media friends and staff representatives and so on more than 200 people gathered together to witness, share, and bless the grand ceremony of 20 years of brand glory.


Wang Fu, Chairman of China Educational equipment Industry Association; Liu Wentian, Chairman of Shandong Education equipment Industry Association; Song Shujie, Vice President of Shandong Science and Technology Institute; Gao Dong, Chairman of Jinan Science and Technology Venture; Wang Tiehua, Special Representative of the Shanghai Education Commission; Wang Bangping, Senior Physics teacher in the attached Middle School of Capital normal University; Zhu Liangcong, Chairman of the China Association of Educational equipment Industry; Ma Guanghai, Professor of Shandong University; Zhang Quan, Chairman of Shandong Century Jinbang Science and Education Co., Ltd gave their wonderful speeches and focused energy to the 20th anniversary of Yuanda.


In the process of growing up, there are too many stories, too many miracles.

20 Years of Yuanda

Founded in 1997 and transformed in 1999, it has been involved in the research and development of digital experimental teaching products. In 2002, it was selected by the Shanghai Education Commission to become one of the three cooperation centers of digital experimental system research and development in primary and secondary schools in Shanghai. In end of 2008, Yuanda began to reform into a limited company. On January 2014, Yuanda first landed on the NEEQ. In August 2014, Shanghai Cleanbay Environment Technology Co., Ltd was established. In 2015 and 2016, Cleanbay INC and llongwill Digital INC were established. In end of 2016, the name was changed to Shandong llongwill Education Technology Co., Ltd., the stock code is: 430511 (Yuanda).

DIS, Shanghai Creation

With its strong career pursuit, the Shanghai Education Commission has opened up a huge space for the development of DIS. This is also the strong backing of Yuanda llongwill's success in Shanghai!

Through twenty years, the founder of the beginning of the business turned into today's calm and introverted. But the dream and pursuit in the heart of Yuanda people, the courage and drive in the blood have not been eliminated by the years. On the contrary, these precious things have evolved into a more long-term and grand on the basis of lofty beliefs.



Looking forward to the future

Twenty years of eventful years have passed unwittingly, and the tough and ambitious are still trying to run-----life is short, but the cause is a marathon. Don't ask for quick growing, but for the long run. Only long-term perseverance to see the spirit! At the age of 20, Yuanda is stepping into the big of the youth. It will carry out its mission, fulfill its commitment to serve education and contribute to the society, and strive to forge ahead and achieve its great cause. Live up to the entrepreneurial team, the majority of employees, investors and all sectors of the community trust

It’s for Yuanda.