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llongwill ®DISLab Leads Chengdu Digital Experiment

Original 2017-10-13 16:24


In order to further improve the efficiency of using digital research equipment for physics, chemistry and biology teachers in middle schools in the whole city, and enhance the integration ability of digital equipment and subject classroom teaching, from September 28th 2017 to 29th, Chengdu Educational Technology and equipment Management Center held "High School Digital Laboratory Application training course in 2017" in Experimental Middle School of Chengdu Economic and  technological Development Zone. Yuanda provided technical support throughout the course.


Wang Zhaoming, a specially-honored teacher of Shanghai Jincai Middle School, and Li Ding, deputy director of the Research and Development Center for Digital Experimental Systems in Shanghai's primary and secondary schools, and chairman of Yuanda, gave lectures for 180 teachers who participated in the training. And the experts in physics, chemistry and biology taught the operation skills and teaching applications of the digital experiment, which were well received by the participants.