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Application of Cleanbay Agriculture and Aquaculture Industry Achieved Initial Success

Original 2017-09-19 13:30

In September 19th, the first provincial aquaculture disease control expert committee throughout the country was established in Binzhou. Experts at the meeting held a forum on the healthy development of current fishery and culture, especially the booming Penaeus vannamei culture industry in our province, and went to Boxing County, a key producing area of Penaeus vannamei, to conduct field discussions.

This seminar was to implement the spirit of the No. 1 document of the Central Committee, adhere to the requirements of the fishery to pursue the green ecological sustainability, pay more attention to meeting the needs of quality, comply with the concept of "preventive treatment of disease," and insist on making good plans ahead of time and asking for consultations on the spot, conduct research and guidance on issues that may happen and have occurred.


In 500 mu cultivation base of Penaeus vannamei in Wangzhai village of Qiaozhuang town, shanghai Cleanbay environmental science and technology co., Ltd. with the innovation technology and rich experience of the Chinese and American expert team successfully carried out the regulation of water body and disease prevention and control in ponds of Penaeus vannamei, and the participants observed the prevention of diseases of Penaeus vannamei by using pure chlorine dioxide technology. Sun Changjiang, deputy director of the Fishery Bureau of Boxing County, introduced the outstanding effect of using this technology to prevent and cure white spot disease for Penaeus vannamei this year, and actively recommended its popularization and application.

During this period, the responsible person of Shanghai Cleanbay introduced in detail the mechanism of applying pure chlorine dioxide to the prevention and treatment of aquaculture diseases. It is emphasized that the excellent performance of this technology, which is innocuous and non-residual, will bring great social benefits to the safety of aquatic products. A series of suggestions were put forward on the performance, application efficiency and environmental protection treatment of pure chlorine dioxide equipment by experts such as Professor Ma Sheng, Ocean University of China and Huang Jie, researcher of Huang Hai Institute of Chinese Academy of Fisheries. Experts attending the meeting expressed good prospects for the application of this technology in the field of disease prevention and treatment in aquaculture.


At Sanrong Aquatic Company's double-cropping Penaeus vannamei Cultivation base in Xiaogongpeng, experts explained in detail the methods of adjusting water quality by biological agents and keeping algae stable in high temperature period and investigated the scale benefit of the Penaeus vannamei Cultivation in the Xiaogongpeng in Boxing County. This year, Xiaogongpeng in Boxing County raised Penaeus vannamei an area of 1000 mu, early seedling stocking, two times a year, effectively avoided the outbreak of large areas of shrimp disease in the high temperature season. It further improved the quality and benefit of shrimp culture, and was worth popularizing in the northern area. Song Jibao, Deputy Director, asked Boxing County to innovate in the construction of infrastructure, breeding of seedling species, supply of materials needed for fishing, technical guidance, traceability of quality, brand cultivation of trees etc. and to standardize the uniform service of the high-quality park model.


In the pollution free Penaeus vannamei Cultivation Park in Cangshang, Boxing County, experts caught shrimps on the spot to check their growth situation, when it was learned that the pond of shrimps had went through white faeces syndrom for three times, the local fishery promotion commissioner took technical measures, basically no impact on growth. Huang jie, researcher of Huang Hai Fisheries Research Institute, gave full affirmation.

The specific actions taken by experts to serve fisheries, ecology, and health were warmly welcomed by fishermen. Gao Xueqiang, a farmer in Cangshang Village of Qiaozhuang Town, said: "After hearing the explanation from the experts, I was enlightened, and seeing such a huge team of experts, we farmers feel confident of handling them”.