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Training Digital, Meeting Yangzhou in July

Original 2017-07-21 13:30


The digital laboratory equipment application training was held in audio-visual hall by Yangzhou City Audio-visual Education Museum in July 7, 2017 with the purposes of meeting the needs of the school's modern experimental teaching, making middle and primary school teachers in the city understand digital education equipment, and enhancing educational awareness.

A total of 129 teachers from Yangzhou City's schools and counties (cities, districts) participated in the training. Yuanda provided full technical and service support at invitation, and was highly thought of by leaders and teachers in Yangzhou City Audio-visual Education Museum.

In this event, the latest teaching achievements and advanced technologies were brought into spot by Yuanda, and professional lecturers gave excellent lessons on sensor theory and experimental operation; series of products of digital experiments shown allowed participants to further understand high precision, efficiency and convenience of digitization in experimental teaching .