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Splendid Changzhou, Charming Digitization

Original 2017-07-13 15:48


In recent years, Yuanda equipped 12 secondary schools in Changzhou City with physical and chemical and biological integrated digital laboratory. Changzhou City Education Equipment and Work-study Management Center held middle and primary school digital training activities in Changzhou No.1 Middle School on June 29, 2017 in order to make teachers familiar with and master correct use of digital equipment as soon as possible.

Chen Xinhua, head of the teaching and research group in Changzhou No.1 Middle School demonstrated the three classic experiments of "composition and decomposition of force, the relationship between power and rate, and the momentum theorem under force" with Llongwill® DISLab instruments, which solved many experimental problems that confused many teachers, filled the gaps in domestic experimental teaching, and attracted the great interest of teachers participated.

Jiang Jun, a teacher of Changzhou No.1 Middle School and member of Changzhou high school chemistry network research and development team gave lessons on experiments of "alcohol lamp inside and outside the flame temperature, carbon dioxide greenhouse effect, influence of sodium carbonate on dissolving carbon dioxide and oxygen corrosion" with Llongwill®DISLab instruments; the participants seriously listened, actively communicated with each other and thought highly of this training activity.