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Primary school science teachers, let's DIS together—— Yuanda-llongwill supporting Hunan primary school science DIS digital experiment training

Original 2021-07-08 13:05

From June 3 to June 8, "2021 primary school science DIS digital teaching and research training for Hunan science Furong prominent teacher studio" was held at Nanjing Southeast University. 38 primary school science teachers from Changsha Xiao Zongwen prominent teacher studio and Chenzhou Chenying prominent teacher studio participated in the training. After participating in and supporting the national training of primary school science of Southeast University for two consecutive years, Yuanda-llongwill once again sent a professional team to Nanjing to provide a full range of services for this training.


Day 1 (June 3)

Learn theory

On the morning of the first day, Professor Bai Yi, director of the learning science research center of Southeast University and head of the national training of primary school science of the Ministry of Education, started the training with a report entitled "Science education under the guidance of big concept ideas". Professor Bai discussed the importance of experimental teaching in the field of primary school science teaching from multiple levels and dimensions, such as "interpretation of curriculum standards - experimental teaching design - teaching evaluation", and especially emphasized the great significance of digital experiment in promoting students' cognition.


The experimental lecturers of Yuanda-llongwill showed a full set of digital experimental instruments at the training site - sensors, data collectors, wireless transmission modules, data display modules, and built a number of digital experimental devices relying on a wealth of supporting equipment, including heat conduction apparatus, electromagnet apparatus, sodium bicarbonate and white vinegar reaction apparatus, earthquake simulation platforms, heat transfer competition apparatus, pendulum apparatus, vacuum bells, electromagnetic wave propagation apparatus, gravity measurement, flame temperature measurement, fruit battery measurement, etc. have created a rich digital experiment atmosphere for the participating teachers. Many teachers took the initiative to operate during the break, and soon became digital experiment experts.


Day 2 (June 4)

DIS makes the classroom have more fun

June 4 is a special session for the training team of Yuanda-llongwill. Through six consecutive practical training sessions with the theme of "DIS makes the classroom have more fun", the Yuanda team systematically explained the composition and use skills of DIS sensors, DIS software and DIS supporting equipment to the participating teachers, and showed the corresponding digital experiment scheme for the teachers in combination with the digital experiment of material science, the digital experiment of life science and the digital experiment of engineering technology.


Day 3 and Day 4 (June 5-6)

Entering the DIS application base - Nanjing Qixia primary school

Under the arrangement of Professor Bai, a famous primary school science teaching expert and director Chen Chen of Nanjing Qixia primary school, the participating teachers came to the DIS experimental teaching application site elaborately prepared by teacher Gao Wei, a primary school science teaching researcher in Qixia District. Starting from the teaching practice and guided by PBL project learning method, they learned the valuable experience of integrating DIS experiment and classroom teaching accumulated by Qixia primary school for many years. The participating teachers were surprised to find that the DIS experiment objectively reflected the change process and law of the material world and brought accurate experimental results to students. With the powerful data analysis function of DIS, students will make a great leap in scientific cognition and become lifelong beneficiaries of digital experimental teaching.


Day 5 (June 7)

Complete project and output DIS experimental lesson examples

On the morning of June 7, the participating teachers designed DIS teaching cases based on curriculum standards and textbooks in combination with the training of the previous four days. With strong learning ability and knowledge integration ability, and with the support of the Yuanda-llongwill team, 38 teachers divided into five groups to build five distinctive lesson examples: the first group is "the life of silkworm"; the second group is "sorting out our weather calendar"; the third group is "nerves"; the fourth group is "steamed bread is moldy"; The fifth group is "objects with different temperatures contact each other". In the exhibition class in the afternoon, the participating teachers of each group presented one by one which was really wonderful. The five lesson examples have achieved the organic integration of DIS experiment and primary school science teaching, highlighting the remarkable advantages of DIS experiment in guiding students from phenomenon observation to experimental measurement and inducing relevant laws with the help of data. Professor Bai Yi made detailed comments on each lesson and spoke highly of the independent teaching achievements formed by the participating teachers in a short time.


Subsequently, Dr. Li Ding, deputy director of Shanghai DIS R&D Center and president of Yuanda-llongwill, gave a special lecture entitled "Thoughts and methods of primary school scientific digital experiment", from "what is science?" "the relationship between science and experiment", "the position and role of experimental teaching in science education", "the law of students' growth" and "the mission of science teachers" elaborated the basic guiding ideology of primary school science experimental teaching, and shared with the participating teachers "finding experimental tools according to needs", "recognizing the limitations of tools, pursuing the infinite of exploration", "designing experimental teaching based on students' interests", and the application experience and methods of digital experimental teaching in four aspects, including "let dreams illuminate reality". He encouraged teachers to drive students' progress through their own development, and undertake the historical mission of "founder of science education".


Day 6 (June 8)

Looking up at the starry sky -- visit Zijinshan Observatory and completion ceremony


On the day, all the participating teachers, led by Professor Bai Yi, walked five kilometers to visit Nanjing Zijinshan Observatory, the holy land of Chinese astronomical research, and experienced the endless enlightenment of looking up at the starry sky. On that night, a simple but enthusiastic completion ceremony was held. Professor Bai Yi issued the long-awaited training certificate to the participating teachers.


Under the unified deployment of Professor Bai Yi, the professional team of Yuanda-llongwill formed extensive and in-depth communication with the participating teachers in the training process, and made outstanding contributions to the teachers' formation of the "combat effectiveness" of digital experimental teaching in a short time. All kinds of sensors and digital experimental equipment have given full play to their due teaching efficiency, exceeded the expected objectives of the training, and won the unanimous praise of the participants, Professor Bai Yi and other experts and scholars. More importantly, all members have improved their comprehensive quality in actual combat, laying a solid foundation for a larger scale of primary school scientific digital experiment training in the future.


Primary school science teachers, let's DIS together!

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