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Yuanda-Cleanbao disinfection supports school opening—Dormitory

Original 2020-02-18 14:55

At present, as the number of pneumonia cases infected by the COVID-19 continues to rise, the public health system of the entire society is facing an unprecedented challenges. The complex campus environment and high population density are not conducive to health and epidemic prevention, which brings great challenges to the school health and epidemic prevention work. As an important place for students to live and rest, student dormitories provide a breeding ground for all kinds of campus infectious diseases due to limited space, large number of students and poor air circulation. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a comprehensive safety disinfection system, prevent and control all kinds of campus infectious diseases, and ensure the smooth start of school!

Since the establishment in 1997, Yuanda-llongwill has been committed to the develop and promotion of digital laboratory for 23 years; In 2014, based on the research and development of digital experiments, Yuanda-llonwgill began the development and production of chlorine dioxide based disinfection equipment, and has provided professional and systematic disinfection solutions for more than 100 schools, hospitals and other public places in the past six years.

Introduction to chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide has been listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a class A1 efficient and safe disinfectant. According to the introduction of chlorine dioxide in the textbook of high school chemistry (compulsory one) published by Jiangsu Education Press, chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a yellow green gas with pungent smell, and its boiling point is 11℃. At room temperature, 2.9g chlorine dioxide can be dissolved in 1L water. It has strong sterilization and disinfection ability in water, long lasting effect, and is less affected by the pH change of water body. It has been formulated as a disinfectant that can effectively sterilize COVID-19 virus in the "public protection guide for pneumonia infected by COVID-19 virus". Many frontline anti epidemic hospitals such as the General Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, Shandong Provincial Hospital, Hunan Provincial People's Hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University use chlorine dioxide to disinfect the hospital area.

Features: broad spectrum, high efficiency and safety!

Advantages: non toxic, no residue, no three causes


 Shanghai Cleanbao Environment Science & Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuanda-llongwill, relies on fully independent intellectual property rights to master the technical means of solid, liquid and gaseous chlorine dioxide conversion application, and has developed more than dozens of kelinbao ®、 Langkeweibao® series disinfection system which provides a complete set of solutions for campus disinfection and sterilization.

I  Dormitory lobby

1. Hand disinfection

Langikeweibao® automatic induction hand disinfector can be installed in the lobby of the dormitory. Teachers and students disinfect their hands before entering the dormitory to prevent the virus from being carried into the dormitory.

2. Sole disinfection

Langkeweibao® sole disinfection device can be installed in the lobby of the dormitory. After the teachers and students step on the sole disinfection device before entering the dormitory, their sole can be disinfected.


II  Dormitory

1. Air disinfection

Cleanbao C-1000 large-scale air disinfection and treatment system can be installed in the equipment room of the dormitory building, and a special air distributor for disinfection gas can be installed in each dormitory. The chlorine dioxide disinfection gas produced in real time is released to each dormitory regularly and quantitatively through laying pipelines and cooperating with the special air distributor and intelligent control system to disinfect the whole space of the dormitory.


2. Surface disinfection

Students can get high-purity chlorine dioxide disinfectant from the bathroom equipped with Cleanbao C-30A disinfectant generator to wipe beds, tables, chairs, doors, windows, handles, and personal belongings.


III  Toilet

1. Hand disinfection

Langkeweibao® automatic induction hand disinfector can be installed in the toilet. Students can disinfect their hands after using the toilet to prevent diseases from entering through the mouth.


2. Urinal disinfection

Cleanbao C-30A disinfectant generator can be installed in the toilet, and the disinfectant can be got at any time to wash the urinal, so as to achieve disinfection and deodorization.


IV  Corridors, stairs, handrails

Dormitory staff can get high-purity chlorine dioxide disinfectant from the toilet equipped with Cleanbao C-30A disinfectant generator at any time. Put the disinfectant into the spraying device, and spray the corridors, stairs, handrails, etc.