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20 Great Events in the 20 Years of Yuanda-llongwill (Part Two)

Original 2017-03-31 11:40


11. In 2009, “DIS 2-D Motion System (Signal Transmitter and Receiver)”was awarded the first award of the 7th National competition of Excellent Self-made Teaching Aid. 2-D Motion System fills the gap at home and abroad.


12. In 2010, llongwill®DISLab won the first award of Research Achievements of National Basic Education Curriculum & Teaching Reform.


13. In January 2014, successfully listed on NEEQ, became one of the first companies to enter the capital market in Chinese educational equipment industry.


14. In 2014,llongwill®DISLab won the grand award of Teaching Achievement of Shanghai and the first award of Chinese National Teaching Achievement, became the only awarded project in educational equipment industry.


15. In 2014, llongwill® Wireless Centripetal Force Apparatus, won the Innovation Award of Worlddidac, with the first time being awarded to China.


16. In July, 2014, the wholly owned subsidiary – Shanghai Cleanbay Environment Science&Technology Co.Ltd-was established. Yuanda llongwill began to enter the hi-tech field of sterilization, deodorization and pollution control.


17. In October, 2015, the wholly owned subsidiary –Cleanbay INC. – was established in the USA.


18. In March, 2016, llongwill®DIS “Help You Do” project started and up to now has helped teachers win more than 20 national awards.


19. On April 28th, 2016, the wholly owned subsidiary –llongwill Digital INC. – was established in the USA.


20. In November, 2016, the Campus Health Business Division of Yuanda Educational Science&Technology was officially organized.