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20 Great Events in the 20 Years of Yuanda-llongwill (Part One)

Original 2017-03-29 11:33


1. In 1997, Shandong Yuanda Net&Multimedia LLC (the former one of Yuanda llongwill) was established, basing on the century-age prestigious university –Shandong University.


2. In 1999, started the research and development of digital laboratory products.


3. In 2001, The “New Technology & New Products” was awarded to llongwill®DISLab by Ministry of Education in China.


4. In 2002, joining Shanghai Curriculum Reform, DIS was listed in Physics Curriculum Standards for secondary Schools in Shanghai and Shanghai textbooks.


5. In 2003, becoming a member of Shanghai DIS R&D Center.


6. In 2004, llongwill®DISLab became the industry standard and was listed in national textbooks, which opened a new era of digital experimental teaching in China.


7. During 2005-2007, llongwill® series of supporting laboratory equipment were launched in succession, with continuous birth of llongwill® V4.0, V5.0 and V6.0


8. In September, 2007, Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, visited the llongwill® digital lab in the elite school- Beijing No.4 High School.


9. In 2008, accepted the capital injection from Jinan Sci-tech Venture Capital Co.Ltd. The company increased capital and enlarged shares.


10. In 2009, Shandong Yuanda Net&Multimedia LLC was restructured to Shandong Yuanda Net&Multimedia Ltd. The company headquarters officially moved to the new site of Capital.