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Technical Service Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the pre-sales demonstration, after-sales installation, training and service of experimental teaching instruments for physics, chemistry, biology, geography and primary school science, guide school teachers in primary and secondary schools and teachers colleges and universities to correctly use the products, and assist teachers in public classes and teaching skill competitions, and designing self-made teaching aids.

2. Actively and timely establish good cooperative relations with schools, education departments, bidding companies and cooperative agents.

3. According to the needs of the project, assign to the branch offices of the company.

Job requirements:

1. Major in science or engineering, Junior College (Unified enrollment) or above;

2. Good affinity, good expression ability, generous, proactive, standard Mandarin;

3. The candidate who has solid basic knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology in middle school and has the ability to operate experiments of middle school physics and chemistry would be considered priority.