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Warmly Welcome the Beginning of the School Year丨Display New Equipment in Yangzhou by Yuanda

Original 2017-09-08 16:15


On August 26th 2017, the second session of Yangzhou Education Equipment Exhibition was held in Convention Center of Yangzhou. Directors of Yangzhou Municipal Bureau Branch of Education and the principal of Electrical and Audio-visual Education Center and Technical Equipment Center, as well as more than 600 school leaders attended this exhibition.

Together with llongwill® The digital information experimental system, Yuanda shows the equipment of high school, junior high school, primary school and geographical field research, and introduces the latest application of Cleanbay™ in campus preventive disinfection.

Visitors are marvel at the development of digital experimental teaching. In particular, they showed great interest in the use of sensors in tablets and mobile phones. They said these new functions and new technologies have brought the experimental teaching from the situation of traditional time-consuming and laborious effect to a new realm of visual intuition and efficiency.