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Sunrise Shining the US Initiatively

Original 2017-06-02 15:47

Records of Li Ding's supervision in subsidiary corporations in the US, Chairman of Yuanda


Li Ding,chairman of Yuanda took a special trip to Houston, USA, on May 17th to 25th with the purpose of intensively supervising business in llongwill Digital INC and Cleanbay INC, two subsidiary corporations in the US.

After the establishment of two subsidiary corporations in the US, Yuanda experienced a difficult start-up phase, boasts of relatively stable teams and customer groups at present, and establishes effective business models in view of significantly different market from China; two corporations are in a critical stage to develop by leaps and bound and receive first pot of gold. The supervision of Chairman Li Ding is at the right time.



After arriving in the US, chairman Li Ding visited customer sites in Hartsfield School, Kemah Sea World, Houston City Aquarium of two corporations accompanied by Charles Cheng, CEO of American corporations regardless trip fatigue and time difference, where he conducted in-depth exchanges with users and assisted in formulating targeted engineering strategies for two corporations, propelling business process of two corporations. During the US, Chairman Li Ding took time out of busy schedule to carry out business training on education teams in American corporations twice, and his systematic interpretation and on-site operation demonstration enhanced business level of team members.


At the end of the supervision and return to China, Chairman Li Ding thought highly of team building and business development of two corporations in the US and expressed ardent expectation that two corporations should seize the opportunity to strive for development by leaps and bounds. In this regard, Yuanda teams in the US were ambitious and confident: to open up promising fields for Yuanda in this promised land without failure in carrying out an assignment!

Spring tide rises from the other side, the rising sun shines the US initiatively. Let's wait for good news!