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Digital experiment reaches a new summit——2021 National Digital Experiment High Level Forum successfully held

Original 2021-12-11 14:44


On November 27, 2021, the 2021 (14th) National Digital Experiment High Level Forum was successfully held in Shanghai Fenghua junior middle school, the location of Shanghai digital information system research and development center.

This forum invited a group of famous scholars, including Professor Wang Zuhao, head of the national junior and senior high school chemistry curriculum standard group and East China Teachers University, Professor Bai Yi, head of the national training of primary school science of the Ministry of education, Professor of Southeast University, editor in chief of the physics textbook of Shanghai senior high school and Professor Gao Jing of Shanghai Jiaotong University.


With the forum organization of combining online and on site for the first time, the scale of this forum reached a new summit. Professor Liu Bingsheng of Nanjing Teachers University was invited to make a thematic report entitled "Ideas on the construction of digital physics experiments in junior high schools" online. Mr. Xu Rui, a chemistry teaching and research member of the teaching and research department of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and Mr. Zhao Weixin, a primary school science teaching and research member, made special reports entitled "Development and suggestions of digital experiments" and "New progress of Sailinger system in 2021" on the spot. A series of high-level reports triggered heated discussions among online and on-site guests.


At the opening of the forum, a feature film honoring Mr. Zhang Minsheng, the chief designer of the R&D center, was broadcast on the spot, and Mr. Feng Rongshi, the director of the R&D center, delivered a welcome speech. Dr. Li Ding, deputy director of the R&D center, summarized the annual work of the center and presided over the release of a variety of new system-level DIS products, demonstrating the strong technical ability of the R&D center and the forward-looking awareness of the future development of education.


Subsequently, four specially invited guests, professor Ai Lun of Capital Teachers University, chairman Peng Qiancheng of the Physics Teaching Professional Committee of the Chinese Education Association, vice president Shi Jianguo of the Research Institute of the China Education Equipment Industry Association, and Mr. Zhang Minsheng, the national inspector, made significant comments on the new achievements of the R&D center.


Finally, Mr. Wang Yang, director of the teaching and research office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, made an important concluding speech, who spoke highly of and fully affirmed the exploration and research of the R&D center in the field of digital experiments, and expressed deep respect for the innovative practice of the R&D team with Mr. Feng Rongshi as the core for nearly two decades. Director Wang Yang pointed out that the DIS process learning evaluation function launched by the R&D center will play a great role in the key stage of digital teaching transformation.


During the forum, participating leaders and experts presented prizes and certificates to Xu Rui, Zhao Weixin and Xu Qiong, three representatives of the winners of the top ten teaching and research papers of the national digital experiment 2019-2021.


The forum ended with warm applause, and the participating experts agreed to look forward to the 15th high level forum next year! We look forward to the R&D center contributing more and better innovative achievements to Shanghai and China's experimental teaching community!

2021 high level forum digital experiment wonderful literature

(1) Compilation of teaching research literature of R&D Center

Luo Xin Zhang Zeyuan, DIS magic circuit

Li Ding, Feng Rongshi, Zhao Jin, Experiment on quantitative verification of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction

Yang Guoqiang Ji Hongbin, Improvement of demonstrating the experiment of "capacitance of capacitor" with capacitance sensor

Ai Lun, Li Ding, Analysis on the characteristics of science experiment operation examination in junior middle school

Ai Lun, Li Ding, Establishing ISM model of influencing factors of experimental teaching with correlation analysis

Li Ding, Ai Lun, Evaluation research on factors influencing the implementation effect of digital experiment by teachers

Li Ding, Feng Rongshi, Characteristics and enlightenment of digital experiment in AP physics textbook

Xu Qiong, "Experiment to verify the law of conservation of mechanical energy" -- the transformation from tradition to DIS

Li Ding, Ai Lun, Research on the influencing factors of digital experiment implementation in high school

Zhang Zeyuan, Yang Guoqiang, Yu Jin, Development and implementation of interdisciplinary curriculum of physics and chemistry in high school -- Taking "voltaic battery" as an example,

(2) 2019-2021 National top ten papers on digital experimental teaching Research

Chen Jian, Improve experimental teaching with DIS and promote the transformation of natural classroom in primary school

Gao Song, An analysis of the teaching problem "the synthesis of force"

Guo Zhen, Attach importance to classroom teaching and promote the development of literacy -- a review of the exchange activities of the application results of digital experimental teaching

 Jin Xinxi, Digital experiment in high school physics textbook published by people's education press

Kong Qingyi, Application of digital experiment in junior middle school physics experiment teaching

Wang Lingling, Value analysis of "Digital Experiment" in the promotion of information technology and teaching reform

Xu Rui, Development and suggestions of digital experiment -- from the works of National Chemical Experiment Teaching Innovation Exhibition

Xu Qiong, "Experiment to verify the law of conservation of mechanical energy" -- the transformation from tradition to DIS

Zhao Weixin, Using the power of technology to promote the reform of teaching methods -- Viewing the changes of primary school science classroom teaching from the iterative update of Sailinger system

Zhou Xuerong, DIS experimental technology makes high school biology inquiry experiment "being active"