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Yuanda-llongwill disinfection supports school opening— teaching + office

Original 2020-02-24 15:53

The general office of the National Health Commission issued the prevention and control plan for COVID-19 (Fourth Edition) on February 6, 2020 . On the pages 50, 53 and 54 of the prevention and control plan, it details the use of chlorine dioxide in the disinfection technical plan for specific places. (please scan the QR code behind the text for reference)

Since the outbreak of pneumonia infected by COVID-19, affected by the situation of prevention and control, the opening time of schools in spring has been postponed repeatedly. At present, all schools are preparing for the start of school in spring, but as an important place for teachers and students to study and work, teaching and office areas have strong personnel mobility and wide contact between teachers and students. How to do a good work in scientific prevention and control and ensure the life, health and safety of teachers and students is the primary problem in front of the education department.

Click the video below to watch the summary and elaboration of the importance of campus health given by president Li Ding of Yuanda-llongwill in the 20th anniversary celebration of Yuanda-llongwill company on November 25, 2017.

Shandong Yuanda-llongwill Educational Science and Technology Ltd. (Yuanda-llongwill) began to layout campus health undertakings six years ago. In August 2014, Yuanda-llonwill invested and established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Cleanbao Environment Science & Technology Co., Ltd., which relies on independent intellectual property rights to develop Kelinbao® and Langkeweibao® Series of disinfection equipment. The disinfection equipment can produce safe and efficient chlorine dioxide disinfectant and disinfection gas, which can be used in school public areas, public toilets and other densely populated areas. It can be safely disinfected anytime and anywhere, to effectively block the spread of the virus, and ensure that the air and object surfaces are fully covered.

Introduction to chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is rated as A1 grade green disinfectant by WHO. The oxidation potential of ClO2 is lower than that of human body, so it is absolutely safe for higher organisms above microorganisms; it only sterilize microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.

The strong oxidizability of Cleanbao special disinfectant is 2.63 times that of chlorine, and its bactericidal power is 8-10 times that of 84 disinfectant.

Features: broad spectrum, high efficiency and safety!

Advantages: non toxic, no residue, no three causes


The deployment of Cleanbao® campus disinfection workstation is convenient and easy, and the raw materials are easy to get and cheap, providing professional and systematic disinfection solutions for the health prevention and control work of schools.

I  Lobby

Langkeweibao® automatic induction hand disinfector and Langkeweibao® sole disinfection device can be installed in the lobby of teaching buildings and office buildings, and is used with chlorine dioxide disinfectant with a concentration of 50-100mg/L. The hands and sole of shoes can be disinfected when teachers and students enter and leave the building every day. The automatic induction hand disinfector has a built-in 1.5L liquid storage tank, which releases 1ml of disinfectant each time. Adding disinfectant once can be used 1500 times; Each time you use the sole disinfection device, the disinfection time is not less than 10-15s, which effectively blocks the entry of pathogenic bacteria and novel coronavirus from outside the school.


II  Corridors, stairs, handrails

Take chlorine dioxide disinfectant with a concentration of 50-100mg/l in the toilet equipped with Cleanbao C-30A disinfectant generator, then soak the mop and rag directly into the disinfectant, and use the disinfectant to mop and wipe the floor twice a day; Or put the disinfectant into the Cleanbao L-500 mobile disinfectant sprayer to spray and disinfect the corridors, stairs, handrails and other areas twice a day, effectively blocking the spread of surface bacteria.


III  Classrooms and offices

Air disinfection

The Cleanbao C-1000 large-scale air disinfection and treatment system can be installed in the equipment room of teaching and office buildings, and a special air distributor for disinfection gas can be installed in each classroom and office. The chlorine dioxide disinfection gas generated in real time is released to each room regularly and quantitatively by laying pipelines according to the safety standard that the release concentration is 0.1-0.3mg/m³ in presence and 0.75-2.5mg/m³ in absence. It is disinfected twice a day in the whole space for 30-60min each time.


Cleanbao A-200 air disinfection system, with mobile design, disinfects the air in classrooms, machine rooms and office areas twice a day for 30-60min at a fixed time, according to the disinfection gas standard with the release concentration of 0.1-0.3mg in presence and 0.75-2.5mg in absence, so as to prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria through droplets, air, aerosols and other forms.


Surface disinfection

Teachers and students receive chlorine dioxide disinfectant with a concentration of 50-100mg/L in the toilet equipped with Cleanbao C-30A disinfectant generator. Soak mops and rags directly into the disinfectant, and then mop the floor and wipe tables, chairs, doors and windows, handles, personal items, etc. twice a day, to prevent pathogenic bacteria from spreading through objects that teachers and students often contact.



Cleanbao C-30A disinfectant generator and automatic induction hand disinfector can be installed in the toilets of teaching and office buildings. Teachers and students can take chlorine dioxide disinfectant with a concentration of 50-100mg/L from the C-30A disinfectant generator every day. Soak the mops and rags directly into the disinfectant, and then mop the floor, wipe the door handle and faucet twice. After that, soak the mops and rags into the disinfectant again for 10-15min for sterilization. Wash the urinal with disinfectant after each defecation to prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria through excreta; After going to the toilet, teachers and students can use the automatic induction hand disinfector to disinfect their hands to prevent cross infection of viruses.