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A Model Worker and His May Day Holiday

Original 2017-05-05 13:28


The Professional Team of Yuanda-llongwill Campus Health Business Division

On the morning of April 29th, 2017, invited by Licheng Experimental Junior High School, against the possible epidemic of campus infectious diseases in spring, the chairman and general manager of Yuanda-llongwill (stock No.:4430511), Li Ding, taking the advantage of May Day Holiday, went to the school and led the professional team to operate preventive cleaning and disinfection work for the school.


This is the first day of the May Day holiday for this new model worker in Jinan.

From nine o’clock in the morning to two o’clock in the afternoon, with CleanbayTM disinfectant generator and other auxiliary equipment, consisting of ten persons and including the chairman, Li Ding, the Professional Team of Yuanda-llongwill Campus Health Business Division thoroughly disinfected a total of thirty thousand square meters of classrooms, canteens, offices and student activity areas in Licheng Experimental Junior High School. Their profession, meticulousness, and thoughtfulness are widely praised in Licheng Experimental Junior High School.



Campus health is closely related to national economy and the people's livelihood. In this campus disinfection preparation meeting, Chairman Li Ding repeatedly stressed the importance of the work, asked all the staff not to leave dead corner and achieve perfection. And he also stressed the need to push forward the work of Yuanda-llongwill Campus Health Business Division with this spirit.



An excellent horse willingly gallops without a whip. The municipal model worker starts his new journey just like this on the first day after winning the prize.

On April 28th, 2017, the chairman of Yuanda-llongwill, Li Ding was awarded the honorable title of “Ji'nan Model Worker” on “the Meeting of Celebrating the International Labor Day and Model Worker and Advanced Worker Naming Ceremony”.


Bearing in mind the cause of education, the development of the nation and the people's livelihood, Chairman Li Ding lead the company to commit to the modernization of China's experimental teaching for nearly twenty years, environmental protection and governance for about three years; and successfully develop Yuanda-llongwill into one of the first companies listed on NEEQ. He was awarded “May Day” Labor Medal of Jinan City in 2015.


After winning the honorable title of the municipal model worker in this year, Chairman Li Ding said “Although this honor is for the individual, but it is the staff of Yuanda-llongwill who create this honor.

It’s not only the individual efforts, but also collective success gets approved! Thanks to the party and the government! We will not lose the social trust, and will cherish the honor,guard against arrogance and rashness, and forge ahead to develop Yuanda-llongwill into a dualistic enterprise covering both scientific education and environmental sanitation and a scientific and technological innovation-based enterprise with internationally advanced technology and market covering the world's major economies.”