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Devote to teacher training and lay a solid foundation for application -- DIS national digital experimental training held successfully

Original 2020-12-11 14:37

From November 2020, DIS National Digital Experiment Training Month was officially launched. The DIS training team has successively travelled to Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Zhuhai, Nanjing and Beijing. Through ten consecutive training sessions, they has spread the basic knowledge of digital experiments and teaching application strategies and skills to hundreds of primary and middle school teachers. Through high-intensity practical training of project-based learning, the trained teachers have achieved the level of independently designing and carrying out DIS digital experiments in a short time.



Shanghai has always been the main venue for DIS digital experiment training. From November 10 to December 1, according to the requirements of the Teaching and Research Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, DIS R&D center has arranged four training sessions for the young backbone group of physics in Shanghai middle schools, including the introduction and experience of digital experiment content of new physics textbooks for senior and junior high schools, the introduction and discussion of the latest digital experimental equipment and software, etc.


On November 18, Mr. Feng Rongshi, the director of DIS R&D center, and Dr. Li Ding, the deputy director, gave a report entitled "Research on Junior Middle School Physics Experiment Teaching Based on Digital Information System(DIS)" for the junior middle school physics teachers team in Yangpu District.


On November 26, Mr. Feng Rongshi, the director of DIS R&D center, and other special teachers gave lectures to the teachers team participating in the first discipline integration pilot class in Shanghai, and observed the open class of geography and biology discipline integration designed with the assistance of the DIS R&D center.



On November 11, the training team of the R&D Center conducted digital experimental teaching training and DIS primary school scientific experimental teaching new product display for some primary school science backbone teachers in Hebei Province.




On November 13, the training team of the R&D center went to Zhuhai to conduct theoretical and practical training of DIS digital experiment for the junior middle school physics teacher training group in Bao'an District, Shenzhen. After the training, the teachers’ lectures show that most of the trained teachers have mastered the operation and teaching design ability of digital experiments.


 original link to 2020 research activities of "Firewood plan" literacy improvement project:



From November 20 to 22, the training team of the R&D center went to Nanjing Southeast University to conduct theoretical and practical training of digital experiments for the national training group of primary school science of the Ministry of education. The training lasted for two and a half days, including half a day of theoretical preparation, one day of digital experiment practice training and one day of teaching application expansion. Through thorough training arrangements, it is ensured that the trained teachers could fully experience the function and charm of digital experiments, and could quickly master the ability to apply DIS digital experiments to primary school scientific experiments and exploration fields, which has won the unanimous praise of experts and scholars such as Prof. Bai Yi, head of primary school science at Southeast University.


Report original link to the Ministry of Education's "National Training Plan" (2020), southeast university advanced training project training for primary school science national backbone teacher:





From December 1 to 2, the training team of the R&D center went to Beijing to conduct theoretical and practical training of digital experiments for the teachers of the national science training group of primary schools in Henan Province. The training lasted for one day, with a close combination of theory and practice. The interaction between teachers and students was frequent, and the trainees praised the training content as "full of knowledge!" In particular, the operation training combined with the DIS digital experiment case display was very successful, which provided strong support for the students to quickly learn and master the digital experiment design.


In less than a month, it is unprecedented in the history of R&D center and Yuanda-llongwill to continuously carry out such high-intensity experimental training. The success of this DIS training month first depends on the accurate judgment of the development trend of DIS digital experiment teaching by the R&D center and Yuanda-llongwill - teachers' cognition and application level of digital experiment determine the future development of digital experiment; Secondly, it reflects that the training ability of the R&D center and Yuanda-llongwill has been significantly improved - sufficient digital experiment teaching resources + mature digital experiment instructor team + nationwide personnel and material scheduling experience, which together constitute the training combat power of DIS, and marks the beginning of a training led era of normalization and deep application of multidisciplinary DIS experiments.

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