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Congratulations to Yuada for being awarded the World Education Association Gold Member Certification

Original 2018-03-23 11:00


Congratulations to Yuanda for being certified as a Gold member by the Worlddidac Association. This level was established especially for those who wish to actively build the future of the World Education Union and thus positively influence the members of the education community. Gold members are allowed to vote at critical times that affects the future of the World Education Union. Hopefully, Yuanda University can put more effort into the future of the World Education Association and education.

Since joining the World Education Association in 2012, Yuanda Education has been committed to the research,development and promotion of innovative educational technology and environmental health technology products with completely independent intellectual property rights.Yuanda has won the first prize of China National Teaching Achievement and the Innovation Award of the World Education Association Apparatus and Equipment Group. The products have been compiled into Chinese national textbooks, with more than 7,000 schools worldwide. This time, the gold-level membership certification once again reflects the status of the brand in the industry of digital teaching and experimental teaching in China. It is also an affirmation for Yuanda after working for global education services for many years.


“Yesterday was end day,today is the beginning.We can reminisce the past,but today we have to look into the future.At this moment,there are limitless possibilities.”said Mr.Li Ding,the chairman and general manager of Yuanda.Yuanda has 20 years of research,development and application experience. The products support basic education, classroom teaching, laboratory experiments, outdoor exploration and field observation.It is a STEM science education, maker education, multi-platform digital science education tool system.