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Can primary school science experiment teaching play like this?!

Original 2018-03-19 09:53


On March 14th, 2018, the “Digital Experiment Training for Shanghai Primary School Nature/Science and Technology Teachers and Researchers” was jointly organized by the Shanghai Education Committee Teaching Research Office and the Shanghai Primary and Secondary School Digital Experiment System R&D Center at Shanghai Fenghua Junior High School. A total of 20 teachers from primary school natural/scientific research institutes in 16 districts  in Shanghai and publishers responsible for primary school science textbooks participated in the training.


The meeting was hosted by Mr. Zhao Wei Xin, a teacher and researcher of Shanghai Primary School Nature.Feng Rong Shi,director of the Shanghai Primary and Secondary School Digital Experiment System R&D Center, special grade teacher and special grade principal, introduced the development history of the DIS R&D center and encouraged teachers to actively use the new DIS technology to apply to the experimental teaching, and also bring more ideas to the R&D center.


Mr.Li Ding,Deputy Director of Shanghai Elementary and Secondary School Digital Experimental System R&D Center , Chairman of Yuanda, Member of the Expert Committee of the Research Institute of China Education Equipment Industry Association, the winner of the Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award,had prepared a special report “All you need to know about DIS” for the participating teachers.The report was high-level and thought-provoking.Starting from the 2017 China Elementary Science Curriculum Standards, the new curriculum standards were interpreted for the participating teachers, which reflected the unique position of DIS in the science curriculum standards of primary schools.The detailed description of the DIS experimental data logger system, experiment apparatus package, intelligent experimental apparatus, and scientific inquiry system gave the participating teachers a new and comprehensive system awareness of DIS. DIS has received full recognition from the teachers for their outstanding application in primary science!


Liu Jinghai, the principle of the 8th Middle School of Zhabei, Shanghai, the director of the Shanghai Institute of Successful Education, the special-grade teacher, the special-grade principal, and the Chinese contemporary educator, did the “Practice and Reflection on the Normalization Use of Digital Experiments ”.Principle Liu showed the result of the normalization of the DIS technology in science classroom in Zhabei Eighth Middle School.From shallow to deep, he introduced in detail how the school's digital experimental teaching reform can be successful from point to point, from single subject to interdisciplinary integration, from school experiments to family experiments.Principle Liu’s lectures brought more inspiration and new ideas to the participating teachers, and positive feedback was received.