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llongwill® DISLab help STEMx“small scientist”

Original 2018-01-10 13:29

On December 24,2017,the 4th Shanghai Youth STEMx Practice Exhibition and Exchange Event organized by the China Welfare Association Children's Palace and other units was held at the Songsong Middle School in Minhang District, Shanghai. More than 1,200 students from primary and secondary schools from various districts in Shanghai participated in the eight practical exchange projects, including ‘Little scientists’ and ‘Little engineers’.


In the “Little Scientists” activity , participants from primary and middle school used the llongwill® Digital Informatization System Laboratory (llongwill® DISLab) to investigate and demonstrate experiments such as“magnetic force of different parts of the magnet”,“two-force balance” ,etc.

Developed and supervised by the DIS R&D Center of Shanghai Primary and High School and promoted by Yuanda-llongwill, llongwill DISLab has won the first prize of the National Teaching Achievement and the innovation award of the Worlddidac.Llongwill® DISLab provides a comprehensive digital solution for primary, middle and high school experimental teaching, improves the quality and effectiveness of the experiment and significantly expands the operating space for experiment. It is a guarantee for STEM education and inquiry teaching.