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llongwill® DISLab Drives High School Affiliated to Southwest University to Occupy the Wisdom Classroom Highland

Original 2017-12-20 13:34


In December 16, 2017, "integration and innovation, wisdom and the future" -- the application promotion activities of educational informatization class were held at the Affiliated High School of Southwestern University. Guests of political, educational and business circles from all over the country gather together to discuss the future education plan.


The leaders of famous school principals, experts and professors, the Education Bureau and the electric education center from all over the country explore the three major forums of "Internet + new curriculum reform, new college entrance examination", "education informatization classroom application exploration", "artificial intelligence + new curriculum reform, new college entrance examination", from the aspects of artificial intelligence, big data, education reform and so on. To share and explore new ways of intelligence education and education informatization construction.


In the Wisdom Sharing Class, Yuan Fang, the teacher from Affilicated School of Southwest University, used the llongwill® projectile motion apparatus and special software to show their application of school in digital exploration experiments, which reflect the great role of llongwill® DISlab in experimental teaching and llongwill® DISlab won unanimous praise from the teachers at the meeting.